Welcome Chevy Bolt To The EV Lineup

Needless to say this isn’t really new news, Chevy announced, or revealed its soon to be announcement of The Bolt sometime about 10 days ago and showcased at The Detroit Autoshow. Being Hailed as the EV for the masses with an estimated sticker price in the $30,000 range. It is effectively a Chevy Volt, just not a hybrid, electric only. In other articles across the media world, writers have been having a field day making a few jabs at Tesla, the Chevy supposedly will get 200 miles to the charge. Wow. Needless to say, Tesla and Chevy probably have different markets of who they’ll be selling to.

At first glance, the Bolt actually looks kind of cute, not exactly the style of car I would buy, but hey, to each his own. Interiors are kind of the retro Star Trek look that a lot of auto manufacturers are going for these days. Nice looking console, although the computer screen looks a tad small (Tesla’s is a tad too big, opinion). Exterior the lines are relatively nice and the “hatchback” works – ie. might do well to get some of those people who need more storage (electric SUV please) to go out and buy one.

Nice job Chevy. Here’s the official release from their website.