The Eiffel Tower Gets Wind Turbines, Cool

Eiffel Tower Wind UGE
The Eiffel Tower goes “greener” with the installation of two vertical axis wind turbines. Very cool. Considering the height of the Eiffel Tower and its general construction, this is obviously a great place for VAWT’s. The installation was done by New York based Urban Green Energy using their turbines:

The two turbines, which were placed 400 feet above ground level, are expected to produce 10,000 kWh annually. This will offset the power used by commercial activities on the tower’s first floor, according to UGE. The turbines are of the vertical axis variety, as opposed to the larger and more common horizontal axis turbines that rotate like traditional windmills, and they are painted to match the tower.

The project is part of a larger efficiency upgrade that also includes LED lighting and rooftop solar panels on a visitor pavilion.

We wrote awhile back on Urban Green Energy, if you need a refresher course on who these guys are, go take a look.

Full article back at Huff Post is here.