Our People

The EV Charging Project is still a relatively young organization which means we’re lean n mean. Actually it means we’re overworked and under staffed. But we love what we do. We don’t have or particularly like titles because as anyone who has ever worked in a small business or start up knows, everybody has to be able to do everything. So with that in mind… Presenting our leadership:

Ken Fields
Executive Director & Founder
Real Estate Developer And Entrepreneur
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Donald Goldberg
Executive Operations – Board
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Dr. Alex Maderazo
Director – Board
Assistant Professor of Radiology And Chief of Musculoskeletal Radiology – Mt. Sinai Hospital NY NY

Chris Peterson
Director – Board
Real Estate And Development

Our current Directors are all non-compensated volunteers who share the vision of the organization and have committed themselves to help The EV Charging Project by way of offering advice, guidance, opinion and act as overall representatives promoting our mission.

Throughout 2014 and 2015 The EV Charging Project will be actively looking to add to both our Executive Board and our Advisory Board. If you are interested in becoming more involved then please feel free to contact us.