I Want A Station

I want a station

You just read our whole thing on Why EV Charging is so great, and you want a station for your school or property, great. First thing you need to do is get in touch with us either by email or phone (hint, email is better).

Where We Work

Currently we are only working in very limited areas right now, specifically South Florida, Greater New York and New England.

How We Work

Once you’ve gotten in touch with us, we’ll coordinate with you and an electrician to come on out to your property and do a quick survey – Where is the best placement for the unit? Do you have room in your electrical box for the added capacity? What’s the distance from box to proposed charging unit? Are there any obstructions? You get the idea. Next step the electrician will provide us a feasibility analysis and a rough estimate on installation costs. Not every property is ideal or well suited for a charging station. If a unit can be installed and done so at a reasonable cost we will have the electrician draw a plan and pull the relevant permit from the building department. Simple as that.

We work on a first come first served basis.