Gallery: The ChargePoint CT 4000

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Don’t everybody rush to let us know how exciting the above title is, not so much, we know, however that being said, we haven’t found too many photos and galleries online of close ups of the Chargepoint CT 4000 Station, the new commercial EV charging station by by Chargepoint – note when we say “new” it was back in late July early August of 2013 that these were announced and the first installs were happening not too long after. So it leaves it to us to at least do our civic duty and publish our images from a past install. If aesthetics are anything to go by then obviously this is a much “nicer” looking station, they’ve ditched the “parking meter” and come up with a rather pleasing design. The screen is now in full color and there is a “zip cord” to help pull the connector back in to place. Very nice job.

We’ve posted these images to our flickr account, released under CC Share-A-Like – ChargePoint EV Charging Stations