Costs To Charge An EV

We’re very used to pulling up to the gas station, filling up our car and more or less knowing how much it’s going to cost, we can see the sign at the gas station posting price per gallon for all the various qualities of gas, “Premium” “Ultra Premium” “Super Ultra Amazing Premium” and compare that to roughly how many gallons of gas our tank needs. If our tank takes 20 gallons and its $3.00 a gallon of gas, it’s going to cost us $60 to fill up our tank and that should get us about 300 miles, or whatever mpg you’re car gives you.

On a previous page we gave a pretty good run down on EV charging times, this ties in very well with whats the cost to charge your car, but its even easier to figure out.

Our utility companies charge us based on our kilowatt consumption, if we’re charged $0.12 per kilowatt, then the cost to “fill up” our Nissan Leaf is going to be $2.88 = 24 kWh battery pack times $0.12.

The Tesla Model S with an 85 kWh battery at $0.12 fully charged battery would be $10.20.

Lets do a little fun math, if the average American drives about 12,000 miles a year, and a Tesla Model S gets 265 miles to the “battery” then you would need to charge your Tesla 45 times throughout the year, and at a cost of $10.20 per fill up, that’s $461.88 annually.