Charging For Schools

The same way many of us look back and wonder how we ever lived without mobile phones and the internet, the next generation needs to be able to look back in 20 years and wonder how we ever survived with all of the ills associated with a fossil fuel based economy.

The School Charging program helps provide a solution to the old chicken vs. the egg – which came first, the charger or the car? They kind of came together.

The idea behind the School Charging Program is pretty simple – we help schools raise the money for installing their EV / PHEV charging network. We find the right local contractor, we oversee the installation to make sure it’s done right, the final step is helping to educate the students, teachers and any parents in a hands on tangible manner how it all works.

  • Provide functioning charging station for the use of teachers, students, parents, visitors
  • Symbolic commitment to a greener / cleaner energy future
  • Educational component for all
  • Helping to promote the use of zero / low emission vehicles